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Facts about Nurseries in Khalifa City

Tuesday 29 August 2017 at 11:32 am.

What are Nurseries?

As these are not the nursery rhymes, you are accustomed to. However, it is still relatively close as nurseries are childcare facilities wherein trained and professional individuals are performing assistance to the children on specific periods. These specific periods are often moments where parents’ are involved with work responsibilities. It is within the law to facilitate these establishments on daytime preferably, and many countries all over the world have adapted to this type of childcare system and even able to proffer early childhood education.

Are There Any Nursery schools Near Khalifa City?

As a matter of fact, there is, and its outstanding curriculum is widely based upon British Early Years Foundation prospectus.

What does this mean and how would you and your child benefit from this educational system? The truth is, the curriculum is completely focused on progressive and formulative and provides nurturing support to children, in order to; reach their developmental milestones within the intended age fitting learning goals. In these modern times, many parents are often pressured by the effects of social media and even other parents boasting about their children’s achievements at a young age.

Thecommendable nurseries in Khalifa City concentrates further on zoning in the strengths of the children under their care, as well with, mediate the weaknesses. With carefully selected toys and resources that are prepared by its Early Years team. This means, each item are chosen significantly to project and encourage learning outcomes, and the child does not feel pressured nor stressed because the quality education also promotes fun and entertainment within the process.

The age focus of these nurseries are from 1 and onwards, and what’s more, the pupils may remain with the nursery until the very end of their indicated FS1 or Nursery Year, and then soon they can progress on to big school happily and confidently.