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Getting a Logbook Loan Without Credit Checks Instantly

Thursday 12 October 2017 at 05:55 am.

It is easy to apply for the logbook loan any time you wish to have some money lent to you. The logbook loan usually ranges from a minimum of £500 to £50000 maximum. The logbook loans are the ideal solution for both small and medium enterprises to get loans. This is because there’s no personal guarantee or credit check which is required by most money lending companies. If you are more curious about logbook loans then you can learn more about it on

This logbook loan is mostly given to clients in the United Kingdom and wales.

Benefits of using the logbook loans to the client

1. Simple to acquire: The process for obtaining the loan is simple as you are only required to prove ownership of the car and the fact that it is not being financed. The payment is released within at least four hours after completion of the application form.

2. Use of the car: The owner will keep enjoying using their cars as they require them to move around while doing their daily routine work. This Logbook loan doesn’t in anyway inconvenience the applicant.

3. Paying method: The applicant can choose their method of payment. This can be weekly, monthly or four weekly. This is because the interest is also charged on a weekly basis.

4. Early redemption: One is not charged with hidden charges when they pay their loan early. They will only pay the amount required for the period.

What is required to qualify for the logbook loan?

The car used as collateral should be less than ten years old, and the trade value should be above £1500. The advantage is that you can loan up to 60% of car’s trade value.

The loans are usually charged with a flat monthly rate which is transparent even to the client. This reduces the risks of uncertainties on what amount should be paid.