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Great Music, Great Art, Great Charity

When my friend approached me about a company he had recently discovered, I really did not know what to think at first. The company is called secret seven, and I just did not understand what the secret was. I am like that though. I am impatient for details, so he quickly provided them. This company has a mindset of providing a fun and creative product for the purpose of supporting charities. The reason why it is called Secret 7 is actually brilliant and 100 percent related to what they are doing as a company.

They take seven tracks that have had a lasting impression on people who enjoy music. It is seven different ones each year. They then have different people around the world design sleeves for the music. The great thing about this is that you only see the sleeve. You do not get to know which song you are getting until you purchase it. The artwork is the main reason people are buying these, because you never know who will be the one who designs the sleeve for the one you get. It might be from an artist in Africa or Canada, or it may be one from Yoko Ono or Sir Paul Smith.

Regardless of which one you buy, the artwork is fascinating. I started looking at past sleeves on their website, and I was simply mesmerized. I am a very creative person, so this was right up my alley. There are only a limited number for sale each year, and I knew that I definitely wanted to get one for this year. The process of getting one is simple enough, and I just hope that I am lucky enough to be one of the lucky owners of one of these. The added bonus is that the proceeds help really important charities, so it is a win win situation.