Learning The “Secrets” of Products

Learning The “Secrets” of Products

An Insight in Regard to Youngevity Products and Minerals.

Proper functioning of the body will require different compounds and elements. Carbohydrates, proteins and vitamins are the major compounds that are normally ingested. The compounds are normally constituted by for elements, that is, hydrogen, carbon, nitrogen and oxygen.However, these four major elements alone cannot fully support life and health of a person.

There is need of other elements such as calcium, zinc, iodine, manganese, molybdenum, selenium, copper and cobalt among others. The roles played in the body by these Rich Minerals are very vital. Through taking mineral-rich drinks and foods, the get their way into the body. When taken, they assist the body in normalizing physiological processes which stimulates normal body development and growth.Therefore, the roles of these Rich Minerals include.

A. Roles played by Calcium.

Calcium is a mineral that is of great importance and highly required by the body.The element is mostly used by the body in the manufacture of bones and teeth. Strong bones or teeth will be as a result of taking calcium in the right proportions. This mineral also helps the body nerves and muscles to function properly. In order for blood vessels to contract and relax properly, the body needs to be supplied with calcium.

B. Phosphorous roles in the body.

It is obvious that during growth some cells and tissues might suffer injuries or die. When they die, repair is needed. Therefore, phosphorous will be repairing these damaged cells or tissues.It will also be used in the formation of genetical composition.

C. Magnesium roles.

The element is instrumental in calcium ions balance and enzymatic reactions and activities control. The body also uses the element when producing energy.

D. Sodium element roles.

The main role of sodium in the human body is regulation of blood volume, behavior and pressure. It is also responsible for controlling muscle functions.

E. The roles of Potassium.

The body needs to have electrical impulses for proper stimuli response. Electrolyte role is performed by potassium. These ions will also help the body in maintenance of heart health and regulation of digestive and muscular activities.

F. Chloride and iron roles.

Body fluids are balanced by chloride ions while hemoglobin formation requires iron. Hemoglobin transports oxygen gas in red blood cells.

G. Roles of Copper, zinc and manganese.

Zinc will help the body in the strengthening of immune system. The role of manganese will involve formation of nerve cells, clotting compounds, and sex hormones.

Thyroid glands development will require iodine and other Rich Minerals. Selenium improves thyroid functioning while fluoride increasing bone strength and reduced tooth decay.Apart from these, there are other Rich Minerals that help the body physiological processes to function properly.

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