Looking On The Bright Side of Checks

Looking On The Bright Side of Checks

How to Detect Lies Accurately Using Lie Detection Techniques

Everybody lies, and these include friends, co-workers, family, neighbors, and spouses and this makes it important for you to know how to tell if a person is not telling the truth to you. Every day, you make life-changing decisions which are based on facts and thus you need to develop lie detection skills. There are two lie detection techniques and this includes natural lie detection and artificial lie detection techniques. When you use either of the methods, you will manage to distinguish between the truth and lies. For artificial lie detection techniques, there is the use of test questions, instruments, and a video or audio proof. There is no use of any instrument when it comes to natural lie detection. The procedure of lie detection is difficult and that makes it necessary to rely on technological tools so that you can uncover the truth.

Lie detection tools are mainly used by detectives on suspects or witnesses who are in involved in crimes. The judgment of an individual is measured during the interrogation process, and there are signals which are sent. Some of the technological tools which are essential when it comes to uncovering lies are the functional magnetic resonance imaging and polygraphs. There are three variables which are checked when detecting lies from a person using a polygraph and these variables are skin conductance, blood pressure and the heart rate of the individual. Any changes in the displayed information are linked to a person’s anxiety level. There is similarity when it comes to the functioning of both the polygraph and the functional magnetic resonance imaging because they are all technological tools for lie detection.

The functional magnetic resonance imaging tool focuses on the brain so that it can track how the mind of a person works and it has indicators to prove if a person is telling lies. Professionals such as police know how to detect lies and they will start by asking questions which are non-threatening. For any interrogation process, the questioning of the events does not begin immediately but rather simple questions are asked, and this is how the officers can notice the variation in the brain activity. Apart from using lie detection tools, you can focus on the body language of a person to tell if they are lying or not.

When you are conversing with someone, and you want to know if they are lying, then observe the movement of their legs, hands and arms. If you want to prove that they are lying, then the movements of these parts of the body will be forced instead of them moving voluntarily.

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