Smart Ideas: Options Revisited

Smart Ideas: Options Revisited

Know Some Parking Services in Saskatoon Area

Particularly in Saskatoon, their rules around parking are determined through their provincial legislation, the Traffic Bylaw No. 7200, and the Residential Parking Program Bylaw No. 7862. Through parking services, these rules provide an approach that will coordinate management and enforcement. One of these services is by managing parking demand in commercial districts with the aid of metered parking and maximum time limits. There is also management in the residential areas of their parking demand through the Residential Parking Program. Next enforcement would relate to the parking concerns under the Traffic Bylaw, and these are patrols, ticketing and vehicle seizures. In order to facilitate business and development, service is given also in way of administering temporary parking reservations. There is also the service to accommodate the parking needs of residents, visitors and businesses with this last enforcement, but still of great importance, through different permit programs.

One example is by time metered in public parking of some areas from Monday to Saturday from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm. During statutory holidays and Sundays, there is no need to pay outside of the mentioned hours.

Payment of parking in the city of Saskatoon is made easy through their system called flexparking. You just buy parking from any of their flexparking station or by using an app, and your paid session is valid at any public parking space around Saskatoon.

To cite an example, purchasing three hours of parking would mean from the start of parking in an area and you complete your errands in that area, your remaining hours can be used in other public areas until your bought session expires. Be informed that your session is still taking effect even while you are driving on the road.

Means of transactions that flexparking stations accept are coins, credit cards, city parking cards and through app payment.

By paying through an app, parking needs are made easy and convenient. In paying through an app, you just use your smartphone to pay directly, and thus eliminating the hassle of going to a flexparking station just to pay for your parking. Users of this app are allowed to enter and save multiple license plate numbers, print or view their receipts and extend their present parking session because of the features of the app.

There is a limit for a maximum amount of time if you park in public areas observed to be busy areas and also depending on the location where you parked. In high traffic areas, it is good to watch for signs, since these limitations are made to have a continuous availability of space. In cases when you have reached your maximum limit and you need more time in that area, it is advisable that you move your car to another block.

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